Avantek, is a USA based company that's dedicated to engineering elegant solutions and innovations for the home and business. Our focus is on attachment solutions but don't be surprised to find a fun gadget or two in our store.

We are a new company, the products and certainly revolutionary, and we are nearing the crowd-funding stage in our business.

The category, “Dynamic Home” and “Dynamic Business” has been coined by the CEO, Julius Kelly, who is the brainchild of the many SKU’s in our store and the many more to come.

Most of the products listed are available for pre-order only. If you pre-order before we launch our crowdfunding campaign, TBD, you will receive an additional discount and you will be among the first to receive the product as we will deliver it by a first pre-ordered , first delivered basis.

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Choose a MagnaHinge XL or SL for pre-order. Or search future potential products to vote on the next prouduct to be developed.



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Our line of innovation for attachment of everyday items in the home and office are now available for pre-order. Chose from our ever growing line of products listed below and become a VIP member receiving updates via email. 

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