Frequently Asked Questions


Magnets are very resilient. The average neodymium permanent retains ALL of its force for approximately 105 years regardless of use. 

Avantek uses a proprietary patented process that manipulates the magnetic flux without any electricity or batteries.  All retractable magnet array (RMA) products from Avantek can turn the strong magnetic pull force ON and OFF. 

The idea of "Dynamic Living" is derived by the CEO of Avantek. Living Dynamically describes conditions in the modern home that allow the home owner to easily and conveniently move attached furniture, shelves, mounts, and other household items with the simple click of a button or turn of a key.

A Dynamic Home or Business would have steel plates in place of drywall in many areas of a wall so that retractable magnets to be used to attach shelving, picture frames, tables, and more. 

We are finishing R&D and will be able to give a date after our crowdfunding phases end. 

We will begin production by Jan, 1 2021 and anticipate product shipments to begin as early as summer 2021. 

Unless your computer and monitor technology is from 1990 or before;. the answer is <b>no</b>. 

Magnets DO NOT impact todays:
> Displays, TV's, or Monitors

> Flash Drive, SD memory, Solidstate Drives

> Watches, Smartphones

Because technology has evolved to no long use magnets to save and store memory, the issue of magnets causing damage to technology is more of a myth than fact.