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Evolution of Attachments

Since their invention nearly hundreds of years ago, fasteners like nuts, bolts and screws, have been constantly evolving over time and while they may seem like simple objects that just meld things together, they hold a greater function and value than you know. If we take a minute to look deeper, you’ll realize that without them, almost all of our valued possessions would fall to pieces. For instance, history took us from using nails as the preferred fastener of choice to today’s self-drilling screws being one of the most versatile means of securing materials together.

From screws to even glue, these are some of the most common elements used in home construction and design with the past five decades alone providing an exciting journey through the evolution trail of pre-engineered fasteners. Now, with the raw materials industry continuing to become more sophisticated, the DNA of fasteners has changed from steel to other more exotic materials to meet changing industry needs. So, what is it exactly that we are referring to? What is this newest and latest development that offers the next step in the frontier of everyday convenience?

The Potential of Magnetic Attraction

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that as children, almost all of us found magnets to be nothing short of a magical invention. We could play around with them for hours and not lose even a fraction of the level of fascination had for them. From testing their invisible interactions to their mysterious strength as well as testing how they affect each other and some of the objects around them, it was exciting! It is for this among many other reasons, that we here at Avantek can confidently say that magnets are nature's perfect technology and as times continue to evolve, the creative solutions that we have and will continue to come up with, are bringing significant improvements for home and practical use, all of which can be customized for different applications.

Our Story

Take our founder, Julius, for instance. Many creative technologists become entrepreneurs, primarily due to having a passion to break new ground or because their innovative ideas are outside of conventional business structures and he was no different. His journey began the day he was caught up at an airport layaway and found himself with a huge pile of work on his plate that he needed to complete. However, he was lacking the necessary tools and space he needed to properly utilize his tiny travelling laptop monitor and two monitors. And while he was stuck in that airport, he suddenly had an epiphany. He realized that it would’ve been incredibly useful if the monitors could somehow be attached to his laptop. But considering the nature of them, a stand was mandatory since they couldn’t be attached directly to the laptop. What’s more is, he realized that this was an inconvenience that extended beyond just that, as he began to think of how it could be so much easier if he didn’t always have to depend on a desk to be able to work productively on the move. And that ladies and gentlemen, was when his eureka moment happened!

The Future of Mobility

As a software and cloud solutions architect with over 20 years of experience, he used his relative knowledge and experience to develop something that was capable of connecting these stand-dependent monitors to his laptop. With a will and determination made of unbreakable steel and commitment powered on by the need for discovery and innovation, he spent countless days and nights, as well as hundreds and thousands of dollars researching and further refining his ideas to come up with a solution. Surely enough, he eventually developed what would finally emerge as the first official creative product from Avantek ™, the MagnaHinge ™, which is a transformative set design that echoes the narrative and flexible intent of on the move convenience of the future. With this — and many more solutions to follow — much like a Swiss Army Knife, Avantek ™ intends to continue to create innovative ways to creatively develop and deploy convenience and mobility solutions for the future.

Breaking Barriers

For such innovations to continue to come to life, here at Avantek ™ we choose to take a step outside our usual daily responsibilities. After all, novel solutions such as the MagnaHinge ™ don’t come out of thin air. Take the common misconception that magnets have a negative effect on technology. A fact that is based on little to no evidence that threatened to slow down development in this industry, when in reality it was baseless. It is for this reason that as a company, we are constantly learning and interacting with those who work in different industries and have different ways of thinking, in order to come up with solutions to not only make our day to day work easier but lives more convenient. It’s about breaking the boundaries of what once seems improbable to probable.

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Avantek's Mission & Vision

Breaking Barriers

We believe in remaining altruistic, as the world works best when we are more interested in supporting the well-being of all over the unnecessary excesses of self. And to accomplish that imagination is needed to build a better future, for it must first be imagined to become possible. And for it to finally become a reality, here at Avantek, and our focus stands on innovation and the desired improvement to help carve out an easier, more futuristic and brighter future for all.

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