Dynamic Home TV Mount

Dynamic Home TV Mount

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The TVMount by Avantek is a uniquely designed stand for LCD screens, LED monitors and plasma TVs. It accommodates all the different available sizes of TV screens and is capable of holding a great amount of weight at once. The stand is powered by extremely strong RMA batteries each



Key Features:

  • The TVMount is a universal stand for all kinds of screens and monitors. It can be used to hold all kinds of LCD and LED screens that exist in the market, including the OLED and the MicroLED, plasma TVs and other kinds of screens.
  • It can have a whopping magnetic pulling force of 900 lbs. This means you can attach all kinds of large and small screens to the TVMount. Hypothetically speaking, it could even hold the weight of a Sumo wrestler.
  • Powered by Avantek’s special RMA batteries. These batteries each have a pulling force of 180 lbs, a safety button that allows one to turn ON or OFF their magnetic power and super light size.
  • Comes with a key as a safety precaution. The RMA batteries, due to their extremely powerful magnetic force, should not be turned ON or OFF with bare hands as they can be dangerous. For this reason, they come along with a safety key, which is a wrench-like tool, that has been produced to fulfil this precise purpose.