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The MagnaBlock XS is a uniquely designed piece of magnet in a rectangular shape that exerts a pull over force of 30 lbs. Due to its small size and convenient shape, it is the perfect choice for both commercial and private usage. Unlike the MagnaHinge, there is no axle



Key Features:

  • The MagnaBlock XS has practical dimensions. The rectangular shape of the magnet allows it to be used in places where a typical attachment tool such as a hinge, nails or screws would not be appropriate as they can leave permanent holes in the wall and will still not perfectly stabilize the attached object.
  • It has a convenient size and weight. For something that exerts 30 lbs of pulling force, one may wonder as to how heavy it could be. But Avantek’s advanced engineering methods allow the MagnaBlock XS to be incredibly light. 
  • Can be utilized in a multitude of areas. These include hanging up pictures, clocks and calendars on a wall. If you like to have a mirror in your room for cosmetic purposes, the MagnaBlock just needs a magnetic surface and it’ll do the rest for you.
  • Perfect stability. Almost all of us have, at one time or the other, experienced the wobbly nature of attaching objects on walls using nails or screws. Take a calendar for an example. A mere gush of wind will cause it to start shaking vigorously from left to right, or even blow it off the nail. The MagnaBlock XS ensures that whatever you attach remains rigidly fixed at its position.